GTB Communications LLC specializes in small businesses, educational institutions, nonprofits and religious institutions. We can meet a wide variety of your communications needs, including:

We can write and/or edit your press releases and op-eds. We have extensive experience, education and training as writers and editors.

We can create a website, like the sites we created for Rising Innovator, Tracker Investigations and the Community Health Center Alumni Association.

We can create social media pages for your organization, like the Facebook page we created for Tracker Investigations.

We can pitch your stories to the media. We’ve been in the meetings; we know what editors, reporters and producers need and want.

We can write and/or edit your executive communications.

We can design and produce your newsletters, like the newsletter we manage for Piedmont Health.

Media strategy and counseling — we can create media and branding strategies for you or counsel you on media events.

We can help you handle media for special events, or during crises.

We can manage content for your social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. If you don’t have social media sites, we can create them for you.

We can make your book happen — from advising on writing to editing to marketing and promotion. We can also write the index.

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