Do you need PR?

Public relations can have a negative connotation – covering over some flaw, or presenting a false or misleading impression. Indeed PR can be that.

But in its best form (the way we do it here at GTB Communications), PR is just a matter of putting your best foot forward, or at least letting people know you exist. The question really is: How much of PR do you need?

Honestly, for some companies and organizations, the answer is not much.

Think of PR as selling a house

Think of PR as selling a house. Should you spend thousands of dollars to have your house staged? For a very expensive house, that might well be worth it. For a more modest house, maybe not. But even for a modest house, you want to paint up and fix up a little, right?

For a very inexpensive house, you may not want to do more than clean up – but you at least need to let everyone know the house is for sale.

We can help you put your best foot forward. For a big organization with many customers, that might require an extensive website, awareness campaigns, public events, etc. Small businesses may only need a basic website and, perhaps, social media. But every organization needs to at least make its presence known.

And don’t forget – our company is named “GTB Communications” not “GTB Public Relations.” We do a lot more than PR. We can help with internal communications, too – e.g., newsletters, annual reports, communications strategy.

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